Cheese-Making Amfilochia


Fine cheeses from Amfilochia with tried and tested traditional recipes

The Company

Driven by our love and respect for tradition, we produce traditional cheeses with emphasis on the quality of their flavour.

Starting out in 1973 with a vision to produce select cheeses based on first-rate raw materials from the broader region of Amfilochia, the products of the Boutsolis cheese dairy have established themselves as the finest for every family.

Cheese-Making Amfilochia Boutsolis
Cheese-Making Amfilochia Boutsolis

Our Cheese Factory

The present Boutsolis Cheese Dairy plant, located in Argos, Amfilochia
Consists of a single cheese dairy building complex covering a total area of 2,894,160 m2. It is built in line with specifications on a 1.42 hectare plot and is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for sterile environments.
Furthermore, it is equipped with all the necessary special installations for operating a cheese-making plant, such as connecting material, piping and housing of all stainless steel networks of production and other equipment, the necessary auxiliary networks for operating the plant, such as cooling and air conditioning systems, a steam, water and air network, electrical and mechanical installations and biological treatment facilities. MORE

Our production products

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Cool with a rich aroma and a light, refined flavour.


Mizithra is made with the whey resulting from the production of feta and kefalotyri cheese.


A unique recipe that goes back three generations.
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