Cheese-Making Amfilochia




Driven by our love and respect for tradition, we produce traditional cheeses with emphasis on the quality of their flavour.

Starting out in 1973 with a vision to produce select cheeses based on first-rate raw materials from the broader region of Amfilochia, the products of the Boutsolis cheese dairy have established themselves as the finest for every family.

Using pure milk, fine raw materials and a traditional recipe, the result is one of excellent quality which we have kept up till today. Our focus on continuing the tradition, modernising our facilities and having ongoing training for our qualified staff has established Boutsolis cheese dairy of Amfilochia as one of the fastest growing enterprises in its sector across Greece. We put a lot of care into processing our raw materials and faithfully apply the proper organisation and operation method for the following products: Graviera, Kefalograviera, Kefalotyri, Pecorino, Dry Mizithra, Anthotyro and Feta cheese. Through using various combinations, we continue to apply the same enthusiasm to ensure that only the best products make their way into every household!



Boutsolis cheese dairy of Amfilochia remains true to the traditional recipe by continuing to make fine cheeses which help consumers maintain a balanced diet.


In combination with our pure raw materials, we rely on long-term relationships with local producers who provide top-quality milk, adding excellent flavour to our end products.


At our cheese factory, in a fully sterile environment, we constantly invest in technology as well as in our people. Our well-trained staff knows the secrets of the Boutsolis family traditional recipe going back to 1973.


It is with great pleasure we provide our cheeses to every corner of Greece, using a tried and tested process faithfully applied by the Boutsolis Cheese Dairy of Amfilochia and their team. Remaining pure and true to tradition, our pledge is to provide consumers with cheeses of unparalleled flavour.


We also make sure that we involve ourselves in community actions as a way of repaying the trust you have so generously placed in us, thus building up a relationship of respect and constant interaction.

“Boutsolis cheese factory since 22 February 1973”


Our company has been operating as a cheese factory since 22 February 1973, first as BOUTSOLIS BROS CONTEMPORARY CHEESE DAIRY O.E. (general partnership), and later, from 2002 to date, in the form of a société anonyme, under the name of BOUTSOLIS CHEESE DAIRY OF AMFILOCHIA INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL SOCIETE ANONYME. We use state-of-the-art mechanical equipment in our vertically integrated facility, which allows this competitive company the capacity to cover the entire production process for making cheese products and, in particular, hard cheeses.

The company uses all the control, management and quality assurance systems applied today in cheese making, while also applying the strictest international standards. The company received an important award from the European Organisation for Strategic Planning in its Greek Cheese Taste Awards in October 2016. At this event, Greek cheeses and dairy products proposed by the competing enterprises were evaluated on their taste by a special committee which awarded honorary prizes for the best flavoured cheese products.