Cheese-Making Amfilochia


Cheese Factory

Our cheese factory

In recent years, the capacity of the Boutsolis Cheese Dairy of Amfilochia has reached 20 tons of milk per day, while the main production processes are the following:

– Department for the receipt and storage of milk, auxiliary and other materials. Department of microbiological control and control of other milk additives.
– Pasteurisation of milk
– Boiling – coagulation (cheese vats)
– Production of hard cheeses
– Boiling of whey
– Production of anthotyro cheese
– Production of mizithra cheese
– Boiling of milk (for feta cheese)
– Production of feta cheese
– Cheese brine
– Ripening cellar
– Cheese packaging
– Storage in refrigerators


The present Boutsolis Cheese Dairy plant, located in Argos, Amfilochia, consists of a single cheese dairy building complex covering a total area of 2,894,160 m2. It is built in line with specifications on a 1.42 hectare plot and is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for sterile environments.

Furthermore, it is equipped with all the necessary special installations for operating a cheese-making plant, such as connecting material, piping and housing of all stainless steel networks of production and other equipment, the necessary auxiliary networks for operating the plant, such as cooling and air conditioning systems, a steam, water and air network, electrical and mechanical installations and biological treatment facilities.